Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fun Day!

What a fun day~ It was fun for many reasons:
1. I got to spend some extra time talking to my DH today in route to an from his job (his car is in the shop)
2. I got to buy my kiddo a sonic "whacky pack" for them today--Tia thought the word Whacky was funny!--so do I!
3. I got to workout with my DH, sorta-- not actually together, but we were at the gym at the same time
4. I went shoe shopping-- the only kind of shopping I tollerate-- and I bought a pair!
5. I had fun talking on the phone about BuffMother! My favorite topic!

My workout was good--OH an I am DYING from my sore butt today--those lunges and Dead Lifts--totally killed it!
I lifted a weird upper body mix today:
R- bike warm up
Chest press machine
4 sets...can't remeber weight- I don't ususally do this machine other than for warm up prior to bench, so I wasn't really focused on the weight
Incline flys

Standing barbell military
right shoulder pain-- i have a tricky rt. shoulder that I have to keep in check
lateral raises, front raises, hammer curl --mix of about 2 sets

tricep push downs
one set of cable raises between
10x10 each arm

pull ups
8, 8

Lat pulls (cybex pull down)

Seated rows-- oh my poor sore booty
90x20x1 set--my pain was too great on my bottom half to do any more :wink:

run total of 4 min warm up
10 mins medium/hard 1 mile at 8.6 mph or a 7:03 min mile
good enough since I have a hard killer Track workout tomorrow

Then abs- old school sit ups- seriously for like 2-3 mins time I need to time myself
Bicep curls on hammer machine
45x15 (5 full, 5 short, 5 full motions)x2
shoulder rehab rotations- 10# db x 10x3 sets