Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hey, Hey, Hey!!!

Hey, hey, hey Buff friends!!

I had a great post lunch workout today~ it was my first day back at my home gym since- about 10 days ago!! That has to be a recent record for me. However, I did go to my hotel gym twice last week--so not a total hiatus. With all the extra emphasis on running I've not been needing the gym quite so much. It is a good thing for a bit

I started with a short 3 min intense pace on the r-bike and then hit the weights

Bench paired with roman chair knee ups
45x30 warm up
3 sets of about 40 reps on r.c. k.u

Triceps Extensions 45x10x3 paired with crunches with feet up 15x3sets

Incline flys
paired with knee ups on bench
25x3 sets

Pec single arm cable flys
5reps fly+10reps punch twists(hits obliaques)x3sets

Tricep push downs 80x10, 90x10x2
paired with high knee drills (abs and hip flexors)

Push ups 15, 12, 12 paired with stretching (cats, supermans, quads, hammies, calves)

Oh and I did go running yesterday--it was a hard one- In total I did 8 intervals of 1 min each with 1 min recovery--the entire 3.3 miles in 21 mins. I slept so hard last night!

Well I am sitting here procrastining now time to figure out supper~