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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Gravette Lions vs Booneville Bobcats 9/8/17

Gravette Lions vs Booneville Bobcats 9/8/17

Que'd up for you at 49:35 into this video, my Gunner had a great sack to help the Gravette Lions​ hold Boonville to 7 points in the first half.

He was so fired up and played like a beast after the sack!! Way to go Gunner Vaughn Berger​

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Workout: Chest Paired Circuits (Experienced Buffing)

Do you ever wonder what a real full workout should be like?  Here I demonstrate and TEACH you along the way...Please watch, like, share and comment!! Thanks!
Experienced Buffing Chest paired circuits


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Video of Chest/tri Experienced Buffing phase 4 at home

~Chest/Triceps and intervals plus 20 mins extra cardio and ABS

WARM UP 5-10 mins of steady cardio and with bench...

Paired circuit #1-
Chest Press or Bench Press
Tricep Extensions

Paired circuit #2-
Incline DB flys
Tricep bench dips

Paired circuit #3-
Flat bench flys
3xfailure (10 rep range)
Tricep kickbacks
3xfailure (10 rep range)

Paired circuit #4-
Knee Ups-to failure 2-3 sets
Crunches 3×15 slow

INTERVALS: Intervals-immediately after lifting
3 min. warm up
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
1 min. easy
1 min. hard
4min. cool down
This is 20 min total: 7 hard min. total
+20 mins additional steady cardio after intervals...move to another mode if bored

ABS--CPTME....SIMPLE 7 for 7

    Passive Abs
    Sit ups- hands on hammies
    Vacuums!! 10- 10 seconds daily
    Knee ups- roman chair are best
    Traditional AB crunch
    Ball Crunches

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Friday, February 05, 2016

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016