Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My SSS Starting Stats

My starting stats...NOTE if you have not sent me yours DO IT NOW!! the due date is 2/2!!! send to contest@buffmother.com...a bit messed up because of my photo shoot prep/dehydration. My "REAL" weight is a bit of a mystery?? I think it's right around 127.

Please be sure to take these standard 5 measurements:

1.WEIGHT*: 127
2.Bust: 36
3.Waist: 26
4.Hips: 36
5.Thigh: 19.5
*be sure to note your CYCLE DAY also!!! It makes a BIG difference!

Today’s Date:__1/29/11 height:______5-7 (ruthfully 5-6.5)_______ weight:____127 _______ age:__35_____
Today’s cycle day- 15

Okay...so some starting thoughts are WOW! I am not in the best shape at the moment. Much better than were I was a month ago- so that's GREAT news!!
I am excited for my new "football adventure" but that means I need to maintain my weight and energy and recovery level.

Today at the start of week #2 I am officially starting to boost. For me that means eating about double the portion size I have been and getting back on CREATINE! I've been off it for 2-3 months and can totally tell by the flab on my hips and my lower energy levels. Time to get serious about being an ATHLETE!

Yesterday I had my first ever in my life live tackle football practice where I actually "HIT" and got hit! I took some good blows and delivered several too. I'll take some pictures of my bruises for you tomorrow.
I did manage to get in an back, shoulder, bicep and intervals+ cardio workout tonight but now I am SPENT! I can barely lift my arms, lol!

Week 1 Goals: results
Goal #1: workout at least 5 days/ week- Did 6!!!
Goal #2: eat 2 veggies and 1 fruit every day- Did this 6/7 days- Most of which I had at least 3 greens!
Goal #3: Find a scary goal. Did this- FOOTBALL!! whoohooo!!

Week 2 GOALS and Plan of ATTACK!
Keep up with Goal to workout 5 day's a week and eat 2 veggies and 1 fruit.
Here's the breakdown of my workout goals:

Lift 5 times, Run sprints at least 1, 2 football practices and 1 long steady cardio day of 45-60mins- the ones in red and crossed out account for today's workout :)

Lift (1) Sprint (1) Football Practice(1)
Lift (2) Long steady cardio day (2) Football Practice(2)
Lift (3) Run Intervals (1)
Lift (4)
Lift (5)

I'll post more tomorrow!! keep up the great FIRE!!!

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  1. Where did you get the nice tan....it has been snowing here.