Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sore Booty JOY!

I have a sore booty today~ OH JOY!! I love a sore booty...it is a sign that I accomplished the goal of my leg workout! Glute muscles have always been a challenge for me. My natural body has a very small booty~ the booty I have is manufactured by hard work and tons of consistent effort!

Here's a quick run down of yesterday's leg workout- the smith lunges were the finishing touch that got me sore.


Warm up ran 5 mins on treadmill
175x8 (most reps at this weight in recent past)

Dead Lifts
55x15 warm up set

Seated leg press- 2 sets
Hack squats- 2 sets
Calf rasies- seated- 2 sets
Smith Lunges-

some between set stuff:
Explosive bulgarians
side lunges
Cat/Dog stretches
Roman chair knee ups- 1 big set
Lower back extensions
Calf streches
Hip flexor stretches


P: Chix (2), protein powder, hamburger (taco meat), Slim Jims
C: Rasins, Chips (corn), Carrot
F: Dressing, Olives, meat fat, pumpkin seeds
G:Salsa, Lettuce (romain)
T: 0!!

totals= 5, 3, 3.5, 3, 0 ; Grade A for the day!

Monday's hormone report: Cycle day 5, weight- 130, small bloat- from bad eating on Sunday, good mood, great focus, low stress, high energy, some pain in abs- sore from sprints and quads, sciatic a bit worse which means time for a leg day, during workout no sciatic pain- a bit of lower back tightness and rt. hamstring tightness, Yes I was hungry in the evening and as I tried to fall asleep, slept GREAT, good libido, a few zits

I'll be back with Today's report later :) Tennis , a back lifting workout and a short run are on taps!
Hope you can find joy in a sore booty like I can!!

Love ya,


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