Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Day OFF!

Well I had a day off of working out today. I am fine with it because I had 3 killer workouts in a row and since I am "building" a little extra rest will do me some good.

The plan now is to do the following for the rest of the week:

Thurs: Chest/Intervals

Friday: Heavy high volume legs

Saturday: lift shoulders/bi’s/back

Sunday: Sprints outside, in front of my house (my neighbors must think I am nuts!) followed by ABS

I also need to take some "building" pictures for you all so I will enlist the help of my hubby for that this weekend. Saturday should be a good day for that, by then I should be about as big as I plan to get! I am tipping the scales at 132 already. I am Up 6 pounds in 8 days. Mostly water, but still I can't fit in my clothes, yuck!

Hope you all have a great night,

Keep up the passion, you all are the BEST!