Monday, December 19, 2005

Laundry and Legs!

Alright the past two days I have been spending on LAUNDRY and LEGS! I Hate the Laundry! I try and do it in an orderly fashion and use a system....but the system I am using is not working. Does anyone have any suggestions??? Here is kinda how I do it now:
  • Let the laundry pile up over 3 days
  • Sort it Wash & Dry-5 to 6 loads
  • Fold and separate as I go on the is where I get stuck! By the time I get this done I have at least 2 more loads, so I think "hmm, I just wash up these few loads and the all of it will be done before I put the clothes away.
  • But then the cycle goes on and on and my couch is constantly covered with clothes or folded clothes sit in baskets forever!! I may need an entirly new system or just get rid of a couple kids!

On to LEGS! Which I love!! Yesterday I ran, sprinted and did ton of walking lunges And today, despite the temptation to put it off until this evening...I did go to the gym this morning: Here is a rundown of exercises that I did, since I only had 45 min and was scattered I did not write it down so, that's why the weights are missing: Squats Butt Squats Smith lunges Dead lifts walking lunges leg curls leg extensions abs I feel good! But, I am nervous about getting everything done this week, with no carbs(since I have a shoot on FRIDAY) brain just isn't the same without a few :) -Michelle