Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hi ya Everyone!!

Hey everyone! thanks for all your prayers and well wishes they helped me to have a great day today :) Things are cranking here at the BuffMother! headquarters.

So here is a tidbit of my day:
up at 7 am
Gunner off to school
Tia, Layla, and Gracie to Mom's day out
prep for conference call
10 conference call moved to 3
work on programs etc...
2pm get the girls
3 conference call!! good stuff was accomplished :)
4:30 left to workout- had to turn around since I forgot DH workout clothes
5pm workout
7pm home
9pm kids all in bed
10:30 posting this, hee, hee

So for my workout this is the basics of it:
Squats 7 sets
Smith lunges 4 sets- jumprope between sets
butt squats 2 sets
free motion squats 3 sets
step ups 1 set
knee extensions 4 sets
leg curls 1 set
bulgarians 1 set
abs 2 sets

A not so normal workout for me...the evening is not the most optimal time for me to workout...focus is not there :)

WHOOHOO tomorrow is TGIF!! I am gonna lift shoulders, back and bi's and do intervals on the treaddy. Fun stuff.
BTW- I am 127 today, cycle day 13

Sleep tight!