Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday's Leg workout

Yesterday was my day off of working out. I really needed it! I am still very sore today. On Friday I ran outside and 8 HARD sprints. The my quads, hips, abs and muscles in between my ribs are super sore from running so hard!! UNREAL.

So my leg workout was hard today. I did what I could in dealing with my soreness.
Here is a rundown of kinda the workout I did:
Smith lunges
Walking lunges
2sets of 30 steps w/60#'s on back
Lying side leg lifts
2 sets of 20, slow and concentrated on butt
Smith lunges
Good mornings
Dead lifts
knee extensions
one set for VMO
Leg curls on free motion
Leg press 180x20 short
calves there 2x20
Glute machine 50x20

This workout was rather high rep for me...I didn't dare go heavy since I am so next leg workout will be heavier and more intense.

Better than nothing :)

My plan for the week:
M-back, run intervals
T-chest, spin
Thursday- run intervals
F-Back, intervals
S-Chest, run sprints

The plan for this week is to do a mini test of my week b4 contest diet. I am 4 weeks out!!!

I'll catch up with you all in the morning...time for some quality time w/ DH :)