Saturday, May 20, 2006

I am on Cloud 9!!

Superdeee dooper day to you!!

I am so excited, YOU CAN't EVEN imagine :) Saying I am on cloud 9 is an understatement.

My DH called me yesterday after is meeting in VEGAS and said he had a mission for me-- to find a sitter for next weekend....I started screaming in JOY instantly because I knew what he was "planning" before he said it!! UFC 60, Hughs vs. Gracie is next weekend and we have tickets!!!
I called and called everyone I could think of (that I'd trust) and found a sitter....
So! we are going to LA next weekend!!!!!!!
The whole event and watching the fights are gonna be so fun!!! I have never been to anything like this EVER!

Needless to say I will be doing everything in my powerthis week to make me stand out in the crowd at the event :)

So chest/tris were on tap this am w/dh
warm up r-bike 10 min
20 push ups
135x3+3 spotted!! I was very happy with this :)...I felt so much stronger than the other day when I benched :)
75x38reps...this is the 60% bench to failure similar to what the fitness skill test is at tri-fitness contest :evil:

Hammer bench

Incline hammer press

Tricep push downs
80x20 too light
90x15 too light
100x10 just right
100x7 +70x7 flare elbows

bench dips 20
total of 4 sets of abs

Sholder prehab 4 sets various exercises

now I am in my bikini to fininsh setting up my pool :) and enjoy my BIG family :) and dreaming of next weekend without the kids, hee, hee!

Love ya,