Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A good workout today!

Hi Ya!!

The goal for me this week is to hit my BUFFING hard and lose more bodyfat...I think if I can fininsh the week at 125-126, I get to take some stellar progress pics!
Also, I have great motivation--my DH an I get to go OUT on Friday night, woohoo!! We will be celebrating our anniversary that nigh(it is really on MONDAY)--so I wanna look HOT!

My workout today was weird

8 hard 30second intervals on the spinning bike

Then tried to run on the treddy--they had some slippery stuff on the sides, so dangerous!! so I quit and lifted a bit

I did:
6 sets of pull ups
supersetted with
rotatry calves
some abs
and Abduction machine

then I went outside for a run--I just couldn't handle being in the gym today--I wasn't at my favorite gym--

Ran for 22 mins--
then came home