Saturday, March 10, 2007

Doubled up on LEGS: TRACK and LIFT!!

Hi Ya~
This is what I did today at the track:

1200m warm up jog- stretch
200m-31warm up basically
4 min rec
6 min rec
600m- 1:41 splits: 31, 35, 35
*note* I am slowly getting more and more confidence at the track. Last night I started getting nervous to run this 600 today and then this morning I had butterflies in my tummy in anticipation. Weird but true.

10 min recovery
200m- 28 sec...felt slow! so I decided to do a bit of speed work

4-100 at about 14 sec each, the last two I started from a dead stop and the last one was actually under 14 that made me happy--however timing yourself on a 100 is tough, lol

Then I cooled down shooting hoops at the park and did 8 underdogs on the swings- 2 per child.

Now I ate and am heading to the gym for a leg workout. I need to fit it in sometime and thought I will try it post track workout and that way I have a full 2 days of rest on my legs prior to the next track day.

I can tell that my I am losing some muscle in my legs and my tendons/ligaments get weaker if I don't injury prevention is the reason I HAVE TO find a way to fit in lifting leg workout.

I'll be back to post what I did at the gym....

This is the 2nd half of today's workout:
warm up r-bike 7 min
Smith lunges
paired with seated calves

Butt squats
last 2 sets paired with roman chair knee ups 40x2

Walking lunges
55# on back
30 steps
46 steps

135x8 sore hip

Dead lifts- romainian

Knee extensions

2 sets paired with leg curls

Thank goodness that was all--I had to get a Gatoraid after my walking lunges smile

Now off to shower and drop Gunner off to spend the night at a friends, YIPPIE!!