Tuesday, May 13, 2008

You MUST~Take responsibility for your happiness…


A common theme for today seems to be that....You MUST~Take responsibility for your happiness…

There are so many unhappy people because most of them are not doing anything for anyone else. Do you want to be happy...then strive to make someone else happy!

Do something for someone else
Go out of your way to help someone
Encourage someone
Befriend someone
Say hi to someone

Part of what I loved about training in the gym was the fact that simply smiling at someone made them perk up and seemingly work even harder. I loved being an encourager; I encouraged others not only with my words, but by always setting a good example. So realize this, people are watching you and listening to you. They need encouragement and need to see your good example and the fact that you enjoy your workouts. Simply being aware of the fact your actions can encourage another may just change your behavior enough to bring you to the next level. Consistently live life like you are being watched...because you are!

In the BuffMother! Rally Room you are given a real opportunity to impact your happiness by helping others. The best way to fell better happier is to encourage someone else. It is so gratifying to know that you can impact someone else’s day for good.

Take responsibility for your happiness; Strive to be being an encouraging sight for others to see.

This afternoon I DID~ I led by example and Loved every minute of it!!

Warm up
7 min r-bike
Push-Pull Upper body lifting
Lat pulls

Knee ups on bench

Incline hammer press

Decline sit ups with oblique twist 20, 24

Seated Rows

Knee ups on roman chair 35
Ab glider
20 w/ 20#


Wide Cable lat pulls (on knees)

Pose down bicep curls

Bent over lateral raises

assisted dips
paired with assisted pull ups

super mans and hip stretches
Lower ab leg raises

18min r-bike while reading the RR posts on my I-phone!!

I am going to get after my happiness~ life is too short to waste!!
love ya'll