Thursday, September 04, 2008

If you want it...GIVE IT!

do you feel you need some love?
do you feel you need some money?
do you feel you need some inspiration?
do you feel you need some energy?

What ever you feel that you need...GIVE it and you will receive it in return! It is a spiritual law; a law of the universe-- so JUST GIVE IT!!!!

Today, I gave my body some energy in the form of a rest day yesterday and some good food which allowed me to have a GREAT workout!

warm up 11 mins r-bike
I lifted chest

Bench dips
2 sets of 12

Incline hammer press
Knee ups on bench
40, 25

Incline flys
35's x6

Cable flys
30x15x3 sets
triceps cable push downs- one arm at a time
30x10x2 sets

Then I ran for 21 mins=3miles of intervals top speed=11.5 for 30sec otherwise most intervals at 9, easy mins at 7 and 8

then walking lunges
55#barx15 reps each leg x2 sets
AND some side lunges

That was all~
Now I am off to GIVE IT!!!