Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Can you believe this??
Can you believe this??
I am already done working out today and it's only 10:30am!!!

...It's been a GREAT hump DAY already!!
Kids got up and off to school with only about 3 problems (there are always problems...i can handle up to about 4, lol! after that I get a bit frazzled
Then I had time to stop back at home to grab a cup of coffee
Then I was off to my nail appt and after that I hit the gym for a great back, shoulder, bicep and abs workout :yay:

Here's the quick run down:
Cybex lat pulls
lower back machine
seated rows
Hammer machine biceps
Hammer Iso Shoulder press machine
Ab wheel- 2 sets of 20
Hammer curls (angled to hit shoulder flare)
lateral raises
bent over raises
upright rows
t-bar rows
Knee ups- 3 sets to fail

I felt good and I really feel like I am getting a much stronger core-- all that's left for me to do today is STRETCH...and I'll fit that in this evening- I like to do it on the floor in the living room when the kids are home and around because sometimes they join in for fun

Speaking of STRETCHING-- here is a video showing some basic leg stretches

Hope your Hump DAY is as GREAT as mine~!!

Love ya,
p.s by the way I got in a great leg workout yesterday--
hack squats
Ab and Adduction
Oblique machine
Knee extensions
Smith lunges

My knee is a little stiff today but not bad--it's handling strength training really well!