Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gramma's here!! Gramma got here to Arkansas! the kids are so happy and so am I because they are out of school on fall intersession-- today was day 4 of 16 and I can use all the help with them that I can get. Gramma will be helping both Heidi and I out over the next couple weeks...she is a GOD send!

Besides being busy with her arrival, I managed to get a ton of work done this morning and get a STRONG chest workout done--I benched 125x5 for a couple of the sets and my incline press was up to 130 for a couple sets of six also-- my incline flys were done with 40's today. C-day 23= HULK in the weight room :)

Well, I gotta go for now-- I'll see you more tomorrow my sexy friends :)