Wednesday, November 05, 2008

8 eyes~
My day yesterday was good, and I was NICE...except for the fact that I ran out of TIME! It took me 2 hours to vote which I didn't plan on...and then I had to bring all 4 kids to the eye doctor for their first eyes exams ever-- which took 3+ hours of my day~
So, no workout for me! BUT, I'll make that up today with a super stellar one here in a bit!

The reason I took my kids into the eye doctor was because Tia, one of my 5 year old twins...didn't pass her eye screening at school. I figured that I may as well get eye exams for all 4 of my kids to be sure no one else was in danger of needing glasses. To my suprise it turned out that Tia's eyes are perfect! and so are GUnner's-- but my little Gracie and Layla both need glasses and some patch therapy.

here are there cute little pics with glasses on--my 2 little "4 eyes"= 8 eyes!


Keep striving to be NICE (not Naughty!)...Love,