Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Review & Plan

Hi! Just going to take a few mins to review last week and make my POA for the next.

So this past week in review:
M:back- elliptical
T:chest- u-bike
Th:back/sh//bi- run *decided to run on every even date*
F:chest/tri- stairmill
Sa:legs- run
So...6 days lifting and 5 cardios!! I had a GREAT week of workouts!!!

Next week's POA (plan of ATTACK)
Su:Church- Active rest~ I'll do something...just not sure what??
M:Back/Bi/Sh/ ABS and run
T: in the morning I'll take my END of Buffing pictures, stats and measurements- then start BOOSTING Lift Legs HEAVY!
W:Chest/Tris/ABS Run
F:Legs/run-- I may wait to do legs until Sat and just run (and maybe add some sprints)...we'll see??
Also next week I want to get my taxes to my accountant and post my NEW Year's Resolutions!