Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend CatchUp

GHEESH! I feel like a sloth today...I am moving slow today because my booty is SORE! and my BRAIN is slow today because I am full of hormones, lol! It's a good thing it's Saturday and I don't "have to" do much of anything....

Yesterday turned out to be a good workout day for me, I did LEGS! Just before my workout I ate eggs and a banana~ EGGS and LEGS go good together!

Anyhow I did a bunch of body weight squats during my workout and was HAPPY with that because I haven't been able to do the motion of a squat without pain for over a month~ YAY!! I am healing up nicely!! The massage I had on Wed really seemed to help my back/hip...I guess I'll have to have another one then! Massage

In addition to squats I did a few more exercises yesterday:
Dead lifts (with 15 pound db's)
leg press (seated)
leg extensions
walking lunges
leg curls
lower back extensions
knee ups
full extension sit ups

I'm gonna do a good back workout today and hopefully run a bit on the butt is so sore though I may have to do some other kind of cardio

Hope you have a stress free Saturday like me!!

HI! I Just got home from church!! My pastor had a GREAT message about DECIDING, DECLARING and taking ACTION~ I am FIRED UP!!!

I also found out that my church has a new website New Life Christian Center where you can watch and listen to messages from my pastor~ I am excited about that!

I feel so much more rested today~ and am getting very excited for the week ahead. I have 49 days to go until my birthday and I'm going to rock it!! Yesterday I went to Sam's Club and bought a bunch of yummy things to eat: tomatoes, salmon, chicken, talapia, peppers, cucumbers, green beans, lettuce, pineapple, strawberries, etc...I plan to eat healthy this week!

My plan of attack for my second week of boosting looks a little like this:
Monday-Chest, run
Thurs-Upper body, run

I also have a bunch of work to do this week~ IT's time to ROCK and ROLL!! time to TAKE ACTION!!!