Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hormones ~ Start Tracking Today!

I believe in the power of your hormones! I am actually obsessed with HORMONES, lol! HORMONES control EVERYTHING!! I track mine daily, I analyze other's daily, I research them constantly and I believe hormones can make you fat and have the power to make you thin. This belief is what has led me to build the body that won 5 figure titles the year after having my 3 and 4 children after a c-section and what has keep me buff ever since! This belief is how my client gain GREAT results so very quickly, and this belief is what the HORMONAL TIMING program is all about.
Many of you here in the RR know some about what I am talking about, but for those of you who do not, I encourage you to start by simply tracking your hormonal cycle. Day 1 is the first day of your period. Things you should note daily include your mood, appetite, energy level, motivation level, focus, stress level, strength, soreness, water retention (weight), pain, libido, etc... Even tracking for as little as one month WILL open your eyes to the affects your hormones have on EVERY aspect of your life.
As you track for 2 to 3 months patterns will emerge...you will see when you are just "off" or when you are "ON", when you feel confident and days when you just want to hide in a cave, you will notice what days are GREAT for sex and what days you typically say NO WAY! KNOWING all of these things about yourself will open up a whole new understanding of how to plan your life, allow you to set realistic expectations for yourself on a day by day basis. WE as women are NOT the same on monthly cycle day 5 and cycle day 25! You must realize that!! And account for it in your life, your fitness, your diet and your supplementation.
So I implore you to start to chart NOW!!
And ladies that don't have monthly periods~ if you have ovaries you still have a cycle~ chart your symptoms and you will "see" when your hormones are being nice and when they are being naughty :evil:
On to today~ Woohoo only 17 days left of our contest!!
And I am totally impressed with so many of YOUR Workouts!! YOU ROCK!!!
Today is another LEG WORKOUT~ LET's work it hard!! It's the last Leg workotu in PHASE 1...On Thursday the workout will change. So give this one your all!!
and don't forget to start tracking your HORMONES!!
Your soon to be FireCrackin' HOT friend,