Wednesday, July 22, 2009

40 Days to Fit ~ Day 3

My titles sure are boring this week, lol! But it's helping me keep on track...
I've been getting a ton of comments on my wordpress blog, but very few people have avatars. WELL...I figured I'd share with you how to get one. It's simple~ just sign up here with your e-mail and upload a picture.
It'll really be fun to put more faces with names~ it really helps me remember who is who :) AND I really do want to remember you! So if you can please do try to get your photo up so I can see your pretty face!! thanks!!
My Day 3 is going to be a busy one~ but different than yesterday or Monday. The past 2 days I've been behind the computer too much! I've been trying to get caught up since my HD crashed on the 4th of July and I was with out my good computer for almost 2 weeks.
Today the rest of my day looks kinda like this:STORE- get food!! so I can eat good~ lots of protein and greens~ Buffing Starts tomorrow!! OUTSIDE!- I need some fresh air and sunshineGYM- I plan on going at 4pm with the kids...all of us need to get OUT of the house and I need a GREAT workout!COOK- I will cook up some of the stuff I bought- make HB eggs, Chicken Salad, and some stir-fry for supper ;)
OH Man~ I am blogging this for my own record...I get what I think are "NIGHT TERRORS" quite often....for a while it was almost a nightly occurrence. About a year ago, I figured out that if I made sure it was really dark in my room it didn't happen. Since then, I have had fewer recently. BUT last night~ WOW!! I had a HORRIBLE one. They always start off the same I sorta wake up and look to the side of my bed and I "think" I see an intruder there (it's actually shadows, I think). But at the time I scream, JUMP over to my husband's side of the bed and FREAK out until I wake myself up. It's really scarry! Well, last night I was so convincing that my DH actually thought someone was attacking me, so he grabbed me and it escalated from there...both of us thought we were the attackers. After about a minute (which seemed like 5) we both woke up enough to figure out that we were freaking out over nothing. IT was insane!! My heart rate had to be about 250bpm and I was exhausted!
Today's fit tip was about being prepared! Preparing both mentally and physically is vital to our success~ so...
BE PREPARED!!xoxoxo~ Michelle