Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Party is Started!

We LOVE, love, LOVE the 4th of July around our house~ here in ARKANSAS it is legal to shoot fireworks year round and we've already started shooting them off the past 2 nights. FUN STUFF!!!
So my 4th of July party has already started~ whoohoo!!! I am also so very fired up because of all the GREAT FireCrackin' success we've had here in the RR!!!
The past 2 days my back/butt has really bothered me, but NOT anymore!! I got into see my chiro and he said my sacrum was "out"...I already feel better!!! I ran on Monday and then yesterday opted to do upper body instead of legs to give my back a rest....I am sore from my Upper Body workout~ here it is:
push ups
20, 10with ppu, 10 with ppu
Incline Flys
knee ups on roman chair- 2 sets of 20
Seated Rows
4 sets of ? (can't remember weights)
Biceps machine between sets
3 sets of ? (can't remember weights)
Lat pulls
knee ups on bench- 2sets

Ab roller- 3 sets
Bicep curls- seated with db's
20'sx10 alternating arms x3sets
Ab glide machine- 2 sets