Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BUSY Week #2!! is here~!!

Hey ya~ I've already started my day with no bread (mini-challenge for the week) by eating a banana and eggs. Whoohoo!! this week'll be challenging but just what I need!Week #1 went really well for me workout wise and I can totally see that workouts drive me to eat better and better!! In total I got in 5 lifting workouts and 3 intervals.
This week's POA is as follows:
M-Back, Sh, Biceps, Intervals- Gunner's football Game!!
T- Legs
W-Chest and intervals
Th- Travel day off (maybe I'll get in some intervals after the flight)
F- Back, Sh, Biceps, Intervals with 2 good friends on Omaha!! :)
Sa- off again- BUSY work day!
Su- workout at hotel gym- LOWER BODY!
M- Travel day- Off again- Gunner's fooball game!!

The weekend for me was a good "rest" but I am getting a bit stressed about all the stuff I must get done prior to traveling to Omaha. I've not traveled much the past few months and am a BAD packer! So I tend to bring too much stuff and get confused on what I really need, lol!
The EXCITMENT for the weekend ahead though really is pushing me forward and makes me feel very happy and blessed to have so many great friends!! I LOVE going to Omaha~ it's always a total blast!!! I can't wait to see all friends and to see Brenda and Deb compete~ whoohoo!!! They are going to look smashing up on stage!