Friday, September 25, 2009

I am in Omaha!

HI! I made it to Omaha at about 4 and have been BUSY ever since~!!
I got my car rentalI got my nails paintedI got a little cardio workout in- 20 mins on ther bike and 15 mins on the treadyI talked to Brenda!! ~ she's fired UP!!!I showeredI got to see Deb pose in her suit~ she's RIPPED!I got to go to out to a cool spot for dinner with Lisa and Deb! They are the sweetest!! Here we are at Council Bluffs last year...

and NOW I am seeing all of the SUPER STAR posts! WOW!!! you are all spectacular!!
Could you do me a BIG time favor? Pray for me...I am sick with a bad head started 2 nights ago with a horrid sore throat, moved to my sinues and now it's in my ears and lungs. I need to get back to 100% ASAP! THANKS!
Love ya!!