Sunday, September 06, 2009

Superhero's have muscles!

Super Heroes always have Muscles! They are cut, ripped, shredded, fast and fit!! I love it!! Yesterday when I worked out I felt like a super hero~ did you?
here's my workout from yesterday~
Along with bench I did some shoulder presses, arnolds and bicep curls.
Then a while later I went to the gym and did the following:
warm up r-bike~ 3 mins
Cybex lat pulls paired with shoulder press machine (backwards) And knee ups on bench
Shoulder press machine paired with calf raises (seated) AND walking HIGH knees
Incline Chest Presspaired with knee ups on bench
2 sets of pull ups10, 6
Bicep Curls (machine)
Abs- ab wheellower back hyper extension machine- 1 set
Ran on Treddy :tready: Intervals - hard at 9 easy at 7mphKnee ups on roman chair
Home~ and CRASHED last night rather early !! I had weak coffee yestday morning and I was pooped!
…and I've also been trying to respond to some of my e-mails~ whew!! that's never done!
Hope you have a LOVELY Memorial Day weekend!!