Thursday, January 21, 2010


HI all!! Well I am home from my day of "wellness"...I went tanning for my mental/sunshine/warmth needs, I went to the chiro for my adjustment and the I went to massage therapist for my muscle relaxation needs. I believe it has and will continue to help me get back to healthy workouts next week!!

Seeing all of your fun CONTEST posts and first test results has made me VERY excited to do mine next week!! Please be sure to watch/read the blog posts about the contest to this point. They are all accessible UNDER THE "BOOKS" section on the left hand menu under JUST DO IT! - 6 weeks

I've been doing a bunch more research today on rehab stuff for my butt and back...I think what I'll do is write up a little "series" for the rally room to summarize what I'm going to do these next few weeks to get back on the attack now that I am able to MOVE again, lol! It's so sad to me that I may have to give up my fighting class for awhile...the kicking is probably part of my problem :) I may talk to the instructor about working around my back for a couple weeks?? But I HATE that! I'd almost rather just not go then have to "alter" my participation.

Okay...NOW...I'm putting this here for myself as reference and a reminder- It doesn't mean anything more that I am "toying" with the idea of doing this contest...who knows:

(/FYI, you should click the above link for the music if nothing else- FUN SONG!)

Alrighty, I've gotta go eat more and get more water into this BODY~!


You can still sign up for the 6 week challenge at!


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