Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rest Works!

REST works! It have to admit that it is needed from time to time....especially when injury is involved. My back/sciatica is getting better because of rest and my aggressive attention to rest, posture, nutrition and icing.

Yesterday I added 2 new supplements to my intake:

1 a new joint supplement that has vitamin D3 in it!

And I started up on 6 star creatine punch

Plus...I got some more vitamin C...

And I've had less pain today than I have in a couple months!! YAY!! I've also been praying.

Do you ever consider praying for God to Bless your workouts? We typically say a blessing for our food (if you don't do that...start ASAP!), so why not for our workouts?? I am going to really push into my prayer life because it works!! I'm gonna pray for you more too!!!

Well, I am off to hit the kitchen and then GO!! It's a beautiful day here to be outside!

Love ya,


p.s. I'm trying hard to post my food

So far...

PPP-egg whites, deli turkey, taco beef
CCC- Cutie orange, Creatine Punch drink, vorn chips
F-olives, a few Cashews, a tish of shredded chesse and asian dresing
GGG-Brocolli Slaw, salsa
T-cream and sugar in coffee