Friday, June 25, 2010

DREAM again!!

it's time to DREAM again!! DREAMING is a source of JOY! It's fun to think about the things we'd love to do and see in life. It's also fun to FEEL a sense of purpose in our dreams. God has destined us all to fulfill specific things in life. Often those items come to us initially as a "dream" . Many times the dream can be so BIG we can't fathom it actually becoming reality.

I challenge you to DREAM big dreams and Take ACTION toward making that dream a reality. You may be amazed at how it may just come true! I know in my life I've seen many DREAMS come true and I EXPECT many more of my dreams to be fulfilled in the days, months and years to come!!

"Dreams are meant to be fulfilled...God will not fasten your soul to a dead end vision!!"~ Lou Engle

Yesterday, I was BEAT- very tired...I think the tennis and heat wor me out! I felt better in the afternoon so we ended up going bowling as a family~ it's so fun to see my kids getting better and better at bowling.

Then last evening, I had a good run~

I ran 2 times around my block- about a 10 min run (.7mi each block)
rested (walked) for 1.5 mins
Sprinted 100m
rested (walked) for 2 mins
Sprinted 100m
rested (walked) for 2 mins
Sprinted 100m
rested (walked) for 1min
ran 1 more time around the block

It felt good to sprint again!! I ran 2 sprints on Saturday.

Here in just a bit we are going to go workout- Chest/tris and let the kids swim while we are lifting.

Keep Going towards Living your DREAMS!!

Your dreamy friend,