Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Monday was a success!! I had energy and I was productive...AND I got in my workout!!

Here's the run down:

Talked with April Ramirez about Toffee!! YUMMY!! She's a sponsor of our Cali event
Talked with Emily about photo shoots in Cali and our event promo flyer/card
Cleaned, Checked in with Marriott about event, Did other follow up work
Sent out BuffMother Tanks to several people...But NO MAIL!! Did you know that the PO was closed yesterday- it was Columbus day!
Bought the girls and boy Halloween costumes- I have a skeleton, a cat, a belly dancer and a dead football player
Cut Gunner's hair- MOHAWK MAN!
Made Tacos for Supper
Gave Travis a nice neck massage after his stressful work day
Worked out (see details below)
Watched Gunner's football game- They Won!! He caused a fumble for the other team!
Followed up with Julie regarding some Cali stuff- she is on the attack to make this event GREAT!
Watched the Vikings STINK! Oh my~ they were BAD!

Okay...my workout was going to be with my dear daughters during the day- but they insisted on going shopping instead so it ened up being last night after I dropped Gunner off for warm ups so the workout was FAST because I had to get to Gunner's game-

Recumbant bike warm up 5 mins

(lift 20 mins)
Chest press- 2 sets warm up


Bench dips- 2sets of about 15 reps

Lat pulls-
150x10,7,10 (3 sets total)
one set bicep curls 55x10- between sets of lat pulls (why I could only do 7 reps on my second set of 150)
lower back extensions- one big set of various focus- about 30 reps

Hammer Bench Press machine

Knee ups- 2 sets between


Now today I've been productive already again!!! I got my flight booked to California!!! Whoohoo!! ;woohoo: I just love it that I am feeling better- I had no idea how horrible I felt the past 2 weeks until now that I do feel better- YAY!! Workout wise I have a lower body workout on tap today- no sure when exactly, but I will get it done.

Let's have a super productive day~