Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2 'Til Turkey Time!

Hello~! My Monday was good except for our Rally Room server frustrations! My kids are all off school for the Holiday and we've had some good bonding.

Got in a good little body weight workout last night with my kiddos-

2 circuits of 15 reps each

Laying side Outer leg lifts
Wide Squats
Stationary lunges Fire Hydrants
Laying side- Inner leg lifts
Standing calf raises

plus some abs and stretching

yesterday's cycle day was 24 and weight was up to 129.

Last night was my first night in over a week sleeping DRUG FREE!! YEAH!! I had some wonderful Cough free ZZZZZ's and I feel like a new woman!!

I'm headed to the gym here in a bit to get in a REALLY GOOD workout!! and then this afternoon we'll go for a hike on the Bentonville Trails :)

Keep the focus- just two days till TURKEY TIME!! WHOOHOO!!