Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quick Catch Up

Hey! I wanted to put down what I've been doing the past few days- a CATCH UP of sorts

Tuesday- Yesterday cycle day 11- I was very tired and had BIG BOOBS- meaning ovulation! Anyhow...I got in a workout however it was a bit of a struggle- I was much weaker than usual. Warm up tan and 14mins on r-bike then...
Back, Shoulders, biceps,
Pull ups
lat pulls
High row
bicep curls
shoulder press
lateral raises
Abs- knee ups on roman chair and on bench
Low back extensions
short run on treadmill (11mins)- focus up on toes with 1min intervals (easy at 6mp; hard at 7 and last one at 8- all hard mins on toes)

Monday- Legs! some highlights Squats- went up to 155x10 for the last 2 sets
Deads- did 1 set of conventional again at 135 and 3 other sets at 135- time to up the weight next workout!!

Sunday- off day- football day; I am still amazed that the Vikings WON! What a come back!!

Saturday- a little over an hour of tennis with the hubby, it's been a couple months since we've played. His knee's been bad. He'll be getting an MRI next week.

Friday- lifted shoulders, calves, some back...I was going to run but never did :(

Other than workouts I've been super busy tying to clean my house, get laundry done, get packed, etc....
I am excited to get on the plane! I leave here at 1pm to go get Emily and head to the airport. We fly out at 4pm to Dallas and then on to San Francisco! I can't wait to get there!!

Whoohoo!!! I am so excited!!

Bye for now!! But I'll try to check in often as we go along on our adventure!