Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Monday = List Day

Time for me to make a list for the week! I have got to get focused and a LIST will help~

MONDAY is "To do" day:
To Do- planning
To Do household chores- house is a mess from the weekend- goal is vacuum every room today!
To Do- Work- send shirts, e-mails, client catch-up
To Do- Workout- back, shoulders, biceps, abs and hold off on cardio till tomorrow- my sciatic is a bit flared, better safe than sorry.

Tuesday is "To buy" day:
To buy backpack bag for promo pack
To buy Food- crock pot stuff
To buy Birthday presents for Gracie (Dec. 14th)
To buy X-mas presents

Wednesday is "Wants" day:
Want to read a good book- "When Heaven Invades Earth"
Want to have lunch with my Hubby!
Want to work on webiste- I need to update the SSS coaching area and get DVD's for sale
Want to work on "sales" day- need to get e-books on kindle, I-book, and other readers like nook

Thurs= training thursday:
Train on video
Train on phone with clients
Train girls- Dance class for them
Train with the Gunner for Football! and Baseball! and Speed!

Friday = FAMILY Friday:
Family Hike on the trail
Family Movie night
Family FOOD!! what would be good? STEAK! or PIZZA!

"Finish STRONG!"- 26 days left until 2011!!

I'm curious who was your "HEALTHY HERO" in life??

Did your parents show you how to eat well and workout? or was it a teacher, coach, friend, co-worker, trainer, etc...??

I don't have just one here when it comes to health:

My Mother taught me about making good meals for my family and taught me to limit sweets.
One of my middle school teaches was fit : I heard she ran 2 miles everyday....that sounded INSANE to me!
My Hubby was my weight room coach in HS and he taught me a ton about lifting, proper form, sets, pushing the limits, etc...
Professors and coaches in college though they were not actual examples I'd want to emulate, they were good knowledge sources.
The owner of the gym where I had my first personal training job also taught me a ton about how to train clients
Bill Phillips- taught me that Success Stories were inspirational and that lifting works!
The ladies of Team BuffMother show me daily that being a GREAT role model as a woman is possible and that we can change the world by being Healthy HEROs in our every day life!!
Let's each strive to be a "Healthy Hero"!! Let's create a Healthy Legacy!!

Your Legacy starts by the choice you make NOW-- FINISH 2010 STRONG!!

I will have an AWESOME LEGACY!!