Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tackle It!

"Tackle it today!! Take it on, head first and pound it out!"...that's my mindset towards cleaning my house today. When I started this morning it was such a complete mess that I was getting ADD from all the messes within the mess. LOL!

Now a couple hours in I can breath again and feel the progress, YAY!! As I clean, I'm realizing that I'm ready to TACKLE other items in my life. I am ready to take on new goals, dreams and responsibilities!! OH yes, I am feeling my MOJO!! WHOHOO!! I'm ready to TACKLE life!!

A few things that have helped me in recent months get to this point are:

REST (I needed to good rest- not just sleep, but REST-): stress had really crept into even the "rest" I thought I was getting. I was stressed out about needing to Do, DO, DO! Go, Go, GO...even when I thought I was resting. Resting in GOD is my new thought. I can't do it all- but He can and HE will If I let HIM. Resting in GOD is key!
Limiting stimulants: oH this is tough! It can be a vicous cycle~ I had been taking an allergy-D for my allergies. The "D" was an ephedrine based stimulant....well over time that is not good to always be on a stimulant, I was well aware of my addiciton to it! 2 weeks ago I stopped taking it. The initial week was tough, but now I feel good "real" energy errupting in its place.
Supporting my addrenals- I've been taking certain supplements to help them and focusing on nutrient dense foods.
EASING into my workouts- adding in AEROBIC fitness- working your heart is so good for you and your body's energy produciton
Getting outside (even in the cold)- sunshine!!- thanks to my puppy...I've been outside a lot the past month.
FUN! -- having a focus on keeping life fun- my Cuji (I call her, "my Angel Puppy from HEAVEN") has helped us have FUN too!
ON to my workout review- I took Wed off but did a great at the gym leg workout yesterday:

Squats 45x15; 95x10; 135x10; 155x8, 175x6; 135x10
Dead lifts 45x15, 95x20, 115x10, 135x10, 135x10 convetionals, 135x10
Seated Calf raises- 90x15x3sets various foot positons
Leg Press- 90x15 together+10single legs, 180x10; 270x10x2
Calf raises 3x10 between leg press sets
Leg Curls- 80x10 then singles 35x10; 30x10+5 x2sets
Leg Extensions 110x10x2 sets; 130x10x2 sets
Walking Lunges- 55# on backx1 set x15 reps

Core during some rests: Knee ups, hanging sit ups, lower back extensions.

Today, I will lift chest @ home and go running outside :)...It's warmed up a lot here today!!