Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun with my Man!

First off, I must congratulate BRENDA!! She had a spectacular showing at the Max Classic in Nebraska this weekend!! CONGRATS on all the first place trophies!! Brenda You rocked the stage with your best body ever!! Congrats!!!

The past 4-5 days has been all about having fun with my MAN...since my kids are in MN~ all my attention has been going to my man. What a lucky dog!! Anyhow here's a quick recap:

W: ran outside, Out to eat- On the Boarder!! YUMMY CHIPS!
Th: I worked out with a friend (upper body) then that night DH and I tried to play tennis- no courts, so we opted to go for an hour long walk instead
F: Workout: Lifted chest and Tennis- then ate out at Ruth's and Chris- YUMMY STEAK!!

Sa: Workout Back, sh, Biceps and TENNIS!! Then ate out again...this time wings at Beef O'Brady's~ Yummy!
Sunday: Canoe trip in the 105 degree temps and wind- massive workout, low water made us have to paddle a ton! It was fun, but seriously exhausting in the heat!! Thank God I wore a lot of sunscreen...Travis skimmped on it and got BURNT! Poor guy!

Today I feel like I need a break from the action! I may take the day off from the gym and just get in a good run after it cools off?? I could seriously take a nap right now! BUT...I am pressing through... Time to get some massive work done! Maybe all I need is a BIG GLASS of H2O! Water does a body good!!