Monday, January 30, 2012

"Piggy Marie"

My nick name growing up was "piggy Marie"..and for good reason. I am a mess! I blow through my life like a tornado and rarely take the time to ORGANIZE myself the way I should. It's not a in my nature to care about keeping things in order-- I'm more about shaking things up and taking action.
Well...I can't take it anymore! I must get organized at least a bit more than what I am right now. Does anyone have some good tips?
3 areas I really struggle with organizing are:
  1. my clutter- odd and end stuff around the house- where did all this junk come from?
  2. my paperwork/mail/bills-- what to do with all of it??
  3. my computer- I can't find anything on the sucker!
I think where I'll start is with my computer. I'm inches away from buying a new one-- it will be a "fresh start" of sorts :) Naturally next in line will be my office just in time for tax season, LOL! If I can get those 2 areas under control during Feb. I'll be happy!! that's my goal!
The good news is that my body is getting organized-- the fat cells are leaving and my muscle cells are becoming more active!!
This week my focus is all about my diet~ the workouts are solidified as part of my routine-- now I just need to keep the diet in check! FAT is where I tend to over consume-- so I'll be watching the butter, nut and fatty meat consumption big time in order to get to my goal by March 1.
POA for workouts are:
M- Lift back and run
T-Lift legs
W-Lift chest and run
Th- Lift back
Friday- run
Saturday- Lift legs
Sunday- off
I'm still planning on writing up a workout plan for the warrior dash- maybe I'll have time to get that done later this week.
Also, I'm rather sure our Feb contest is just going to be a short one- 21 days!!
I'll announce that later!
Love ya's