Monday, February 13, 2012

14 days to Go...Kicking the Haibt!!

14 days to GO!!
Well, 1 week of the contest is over and we are ready to rock the next 2!!
There are 14 days of the "Kick the Habit" contest left, and I feel my Mojo on the rise~
How are you doing?? More focused than ever I hope!!
Be sure to visit the rally room today for your task, some encouragement and workout ideas:
I had a champion weekend as planned!!

Sunday- ran hills- I did 5 x approx 200m hills...and one killer LONG one of about 400 -500 meters~ i should measure them some day! Then I finished with 2 100 meter sprints on the flat grass-- they felt so easy after the hills!
Monday- Chest
Tues- Legs
Wed- a run and mish mosh of plyo type exercises and abs
Thurs- back
Friday- Legs
Saturday- off
Sunday- a run and mish mosh of plyo type exercises and abs
Alright!!! it is starting to get close to "CRUNCH" time for this contest....I know that every day I get more and more intense about kicking and attaining my habits!!!
Let's make these next 2 weeks our best yet!!