Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Squatting Again!

HI Ya!!
Sorry I missed posting yesterday here in the rally room...I had another busy day. I wonder sometimes if I'm "manic", LOL! I go like a mad woman for a couple days and now today it's almost noon and I'm still in my bathrobe?? HA! :hehe: Actually, I am so very, very thankful I have a handsome "Sugar Daddy" who works his tail off so I can "PLAY" with my own business, on my farm and as a stay at home mom! God has really blessed me! I am at a wonderful place in life and expect it to continue FOREVER!!
Yesterday, I got my SQUAT on! It's been a couple months since I've done free bar squats. My new gym doesn't have a squat rack- only a smith machine. My squat rack is still at my old house-- Here's a picture I snapped after I squatted and while I was doing dead lifts....and YES, that's the CUTEST puppy in the world there with me!

All together the leg workout included:
7 sets squats- 45, 95, 95, 115 x4 sets
5 sets knee extensions- 2 super high rep sets single legs x45#, 3 sets with 90 pounds
5 sets dead lifts- 45, 95x10-20 reps
3 sets of mule kick/jumps- from Zuzuka Light's workout
about 100 side jump lunges broken into 2 sets
1 set sumo pushups with a row/twist at top
Hip rotations- standing in a lung position rotating hips like a dancer, sort of... I need to video this! 2sets of 10
one set knee ups for abs
My workout on Monday went great too-- Gunner and I lifted chest hard and heavy-- my high set was 135x2 reps (didn't trust him to spot me)
and I ran on the treadmill afterward. even minute intervals 7 for my easy 9 for my hard-- during 2 hard mins I did 30 sec at 9; 30 sec at 10. The incline was at 2 most the time, but I did up it to 2.5 for about 4-5 mins. During the 20 mins (including warm up and cool down) ...I covered 2.5 miles.
Today is running day again... I guess I need to hit the trail and do hills?? I'll also be lifting back with Gunner at 3...
I should be up for it mentally and physically-- it's cycle day 3 for me today....feeling that buffing mojo coming soon!! I love BUFFING!!
In other news....
Once I get my updated site up and running, I'll announce the new contest-- hoping for that this week!! Here's a peek at it under construction--
The new site for now is just the exterior portion for now, but we are going to be transitioning the rally room to a similar format within the next month or 2-- it's gonna be a process, but it'll be worth the pain as it'll enable us to grow bigger and for us to communicate easier in the long run!

I had a little conversation about "insanity" on facebook-- thought I'd share-- Keep in mind I have NOT done the workouts, but I KNOW They are INTENSE and very HARD!!
What's your take on Insanity? Have you done it? Would you recommend it and why?
Michelle Berger
I think it's good...anything that gets you moving is good. It's worth doing for a "season" to challenge yourself to another level (not for the rest of your life, lol). Personally I'm not a big fan of the long duration and frequency of intense workouts---Your body needs a day or two between high intensity training like that. Plus, I believe in the long run traditional heavy weight training needs to be the foundation of your workouts...It keeps you YOUNG, strong and in a good HORMONAL place :) Too much "cardio" is catabolic and can leave a person skinny fat. My hour of workout time daily consists of 40-60 mins LIFTING- challenging my muscles to grow and 3-4 times a week I'll add 20 mins of intervals. It's effective and efficient and keeps me buff, healthy and happy!
Okay, time to get some food in my BELLY!! -Michelle