Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Big Excitement!

Whohoo!! we've got some BIG TIME excitement here in the RR and all over the internet for the SSS contest!! YAY!! I quiclky wanted to point out that on the UPPER RIGHT HAND corner under the heading "ALL BOOKS" there is a link to all the contest content "2012 SuperSTAR Success Contest". I'll be adding to it and updating it as we go along-- but it's a good reference so you know where to find all the info.
I've been thinking about some of my personal goals-- if I ever get time to get to them, lol!! Uploading videos and organizing stuff takes a ton of time-- Hoping that'll slow down as we get the first couple weeks of the contest underway :)
I was set to do a photoshoot this FRIDAY, but we had some famliy plans change and now that's pushed back to a later date-- AGAIN... which is okay because I am not exactly where I wanted to be "body wise" for it just yet anyhow Laughing
My main goal is to be healthy. I have my yearly next month and will be requesting some "tests". I really need to find out where I am at with my hormones, thyroid and lipids. I've gone off of ALL suplements this month so that nothing will interfere with the outcome of the tests. I just want to have assurance that I'm NORMAL, lol!
In October we have 2 big weddings to attend. BOTH of my righ bearers are getting married~ my brother and nephew were both 4 years old when I got married 19 years ago and now it's there turn~ THEY actually wanted to have their weddings on the same day, but I PLEADED with them and now they are consecutive weekends instead.
Well, I've gotta go get my workout done~ I've got upper body lifting and a run on tap. BY THE WAY- my shoulder is so much better!! YAY!!
See you later SUPERSTARS!!
p.s. I love seeing all the activity in here-- be sure to "plant some energy seeds" by commenting on other's posts-- AND I'll do my best to keep up with answering questions in the forum--I'll come back later to do that tonight Friends