Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Interesting Stuff

2012 my goal was to "delve in 2012"~ And that I did!! I experienced life in a very different way than any others. My first year living on a "farm"-- I guess it's more of a ranch

Jan-I learned how to build and use fire as a way to "work" my land; Started working out with my son after was good bonding time
Feb- I started running "hills" on my land oh they are killer and awesome at the same time!! My twins turned 9!!
March- I experienced real "skiing" for the first in Keystone with my dear friend Sherry
April-I learned to love to workout at home
May- Ran a Warrior Dash Race for the first and last time-- had a blast with my Team BuffMother Friends!!
June- DD Layla had a bad couple weeks- her appendix burst and then she got bit by a dog :(
had a "stay-cation" with my Hubby on the Ranch;
Got my first gun- a Walther P-22 hand gun
Shot a snake with my gun- my first "kill" with it
July- Flew to MN to pick up my kids from MN-- Drove them home...what a long drive! My Oldest child, my son turned 13~ Travis and I took our conceal to carry class
August- Our 19th wedding anniversary on which we celebrated with fire, and armadillo hunting (we shot 3 that night)
September-I started tennis lessons
October- went to Dallas and to MN for the weddings of my 2 ring bearers- my nephew and brother
November- Thanksgiving and then the anniversary of our MOVE to the country-- wow!! We have so much to be thankful for!
December- My DD Gracie had a rough month- braces, oral surgery and then the family (including her) got the flu. The good news is she had a fun B-day and turned