Friday, January 04, 2013

Is it really Friday??

Last night I took 6 young ladies to the Hobbit. It was a long sit and made for a late night....the Hobbit was decent, a bit too many CREEPY Creatures, confusing for those who don't already know the story (the lord of the rings tie in's were assumed) and I thought that is should have had an ending regardless of if it's the first of 3 or not. I'd give it a B-

The girls seemed to have fun, so that's what mattered!

Yesterday's workout was a success~

Chest/Tricep/Abs/Intervals and CLEANING* workout

*my workout took FOREVER to get done because I got distracted with cleaning, organizing and putting together a dumbbell rack while I was in the middle of my workout

Bench 45x10, 95x10-12x3sets
push ups- 3 sets
Incline flys- 30'sx10, 35'sx8x3sets
Dips (on dip station)- 10, 8
Tricep extensions- 45#'sx12x3sets
Bicep curls- 45x12to 15 reps x3sets

Abs between sets- knee ups on power tower, knee ups on bench, sit ups

Then I did intervals on my upright bike. It had been forever since I did them~ and was a good workout!!

Today we have errands to run, a couple Dr appts and have to bring the cousins home....not sure on the workout??
If I do anything it'll be legs or a run.

From the looks of everyone's new year excitement, we've had a very successful week #1 to the year!!


Love, Michelle