Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Do Over

Well this morning is a do over of yesterday. Somehow I put the orthodontist appt in my phone on the WRONG DAY!  the appts are today not yesterday...CRAZY!  We went to the store instead, looked at baby chickens and the got a Red Box movie: Sky Fall to watch. Holy cow, that movie was LONG!!

Anyhow, it's a nice day here-- looks to be the best weather we are going to have this week, so...we'll head to the zoo after the ortho appts.

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My workout last night was AWESOME! I feel it big time:
Warm up bike 11mins
push ups- perfect pushups 15repsx3 sets
Flat bench DB Flys- 30's x10x3 sets
DB Lat Rows- 30x10x1set, 40x10x2sets
Bent over Rows- 95x10x3sets
Standing Shoulder press 45x10x3sets
Bicep Curls- 45x10x2sets
plus I threw in some plate raises and shrugs
ABS in between sets:
Sit ups
Knee ups
lower back rotations
Standing hip rotations
hip ups
ab wheel
here's my workout proof pic-- I have a new boyfriend

Then I ran intervals outside did 2 min on; off intervals on mins 4,8,12,16

We also have my DD having a friend sleep over tonight, so it'll be extra busy here today!
Hope your day is GREAT!!
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