Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm Out!

My Monday turned into a NO GO...My neck is OUT again!!  Just 3 weeks ago I had the same thing happen...What's up??
My neck started feeling weird Saturday evening, Sunday it was bothering me a bit, by yesterday afternoon I was in terrible pain. I think it's using clippers that has caused my aggravation.  I was cutting down a bunch of brush Saturday afternoon after which the pain started.  Looking back, I was clipping a lot The last time my neck went outalso.  I'm staying away from those clipper from now on!

Sorry to be a downer and have no workout to post~ But I'll be back stronger than ever soon!  I'm headed to the chiro in a bit to get adjusted and expect that within a day or 2 I'll feel normal again!

S2S~ Day 23: Sexy To Do's

6 Daily Goals-- that will be topics in my daily journal
  1. cycle day- today is day 10...I don't feel sexy, but not due to hormones-- my neck pain is the problem
  2. weight- I know I'm UP in weight from where I'd otherwise be 130.6, been taking Advil and aspirin to help ease the pain-- they make me retain water like crazy!
  3. Sexy To do's- This is today's topic: S2S~ Day 23: Sexy To Do's
  4. Workout- no workout for me today
  5. Meal POA- be strict, but smart.  I need to take my supplements and eat things that will help my body heal
  6. Sexy Actions- Sex seems to help all body pain-- studies have proven that everyone feels better after sex. I'll try it out
Gotta go, get ready for the drive into the chiro...
Have a good workout in honor of me PLEASE!!