Tuesday, April 02, 2013

S2S Bikini Week day 1

HI ya'll...Today is DAY 30  Please read today's article:
Well life around is finally getting back to normal after our spring break 2 weeks ago and Easter last week-- at least normal for a couple days, until Friday when for some reason my kids have the day off?? What's the deal with that?!
I am really going to have to figure out some sore of a solution for us during the summer months...bored kids at home= MESSY, stress!
My massage yesterday was really interesting. I went to a massuse who has been working with my SIL for the past several months.  Tandee is her name. She's got some really exiting, different techniques and has a huge belief that many of our issues stem from our CORE. Specifically our PSOAS muscles which reside in on the sides of our inner tummy They connect the hips and spine and in essence are our body's "hinge".  STOMACH massage is her "specialty". 
She also does some active release stretching techniques to assist in releasing the muscle tension.  Very interesting stuff-- She also spent time on my neck and shoulder-- deep in my armpit.  My tummy was amazingly sore yesterday afternoon do to the massage.  I'm excited to see how visiting her every couple weeks will help my neck and also some of my lingering sciatic issues.
My workout last night was a tiny leg workout-- I felt kinda weak and didn't want to do too much.  Just playing it safe for my neck.  I warmed up on the Upright bike- then lifted- then rode the bike for 20 mins during which I took a break to do sit ups 3x's~
 Here's a picture of Gracie an I after I lifted:
Then after my workout I slapped on one of my all time favorite suits and snapped a pic for you!
I have to say-- It made me feel sexy to be in a bikini and heels-- It WORKS!!

It's super fun to see your bikini proof pics, thanks for sharing!! Keep up the SEXY!!

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