Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunny Sunday

Hey ya ladies!! Hope you are having a SUNNY SUNDAY!!
S2S- day 42: Final day...What's next?
Yesterday was a workout success-
20 mins fasted on the bike,
a chest/triceps and abs workout +100 lunges 65# barbell forward lunges x60 and 40 stationary ones.
Then I ran hard My focus was more on "steady faster pace" vs. intervals- It was tough, but good!  During the run I was questioning my desire to want to push through the pain enough in order to train for a track for performance is WAY harder than training to look good!  It'll be a challenge for sure!  here's a pic I took of my legs-- just wanted to see how they change if any during the next 8 weeks of track training.
I will have to STEP-UP the focus on my food intake and am really considering getting a body bugg, fuel band, body media or "fit bit" type thing to wear. I'll may check into that more this week.

Then after that I practiced softball with my twins a bit.  They are getting so much better ever time they practice!   Once we came inside Travis and I had a little "date" to watch the TUF finals~ so I got dolled up for him:
Today is cycle day 1...I am so happy that I had a 28 days cycle this month~ YAY!  I love longer cycles~ they are so much easier to deal with!
I attribute the longer cycle to being very consistent with my vitamin/supplements and keeping my carb intake on the lower side!  NUTRITION is vital to having proper hormone production.

I'll plan to take my final contest pictures/stats on Wednesday or Thursday they'll also work well for my "starting buffing" pics!

My day will be spent OUTSIDE today!!
It is too beautiful to be in the house~
I'll see you tomorrow!!
The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!