Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Gym angel Slim Angel contest

I need about 10 more ladies for the Slim Angel contest!! This is
the final call-- By midnight tonight I will CUT OFF the enrollment in
this amazing opportunity!

You get a $250+ value for only the price of membership to www.TeamBuffMother for 1 month! How can you pass that up???

28 days of personal online training by BuffMother, Michelle Berger

A free Bottle of "Slim Angel" my favorite fat burner/slimming agent.

A free Gym Angel Shirt

And PRIZES for the winner!!

To participate I need 3 items by midnight Tues 3-10-15

1- read info here and comment http://www.teambuffmother.com/topic/gymangel-contest

2- send me your address, shirt size, black or white color and style: tank or T

in a "Dialog" (click http://www.teambuffmother.com/dialogs and add me, buffmother,  to the conversation  then type your message)

3- Fill out the commitment form http://www.teambuffmother.com/...test-commitment-form

know it's a pain, but it'll help you learn to navigate the site and it
will help me know you are committed. I don't waste time on those who are
not committed!

Please join us! It's an awesome opportunity and it'll be fun, I promise!

Love ya,

p.s. If you have any questions just ask for help!

I'm here to check on you often and also you can reach us at customerservice@buffmother.com

if you are on your phone, the sprocket in the upper right hand corner
allows you to switch to STANDARD VIEW and it's sometimes easier to
navigate the site in that view.