Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thrilling Thursday!!

oday was not my typical Thursday, but really it was very good.

All my girls stayed home sick from school today, so I totally did not get my "work" done. I have several programs to work on for new cliets, but I am trying not to let that stress me.

Instead I disassembled 2 beds and got the Direct TV installed on our TV's. Up until now we have only had basic cable and no access to pay per view. Now we desprately "NEED" pay per view so we can watch our favorite TV events--the UFC Fights-- we are set for SATURDAY's Big fights!!! I am very excited and my husband is like a kid waiting to go to Disneyland.

Yesterday...I had no workout and kinda just 'lost' the day. I was beat from my cold...

But today I did a great at home upper body workout on the bowflex and with db's, I didn't stop moving the entire time and this is sorta how it went:

Push ups
Bowflex Chest press

military Standing

Sit ups
150 old school

Lateral raise

Bent over lateral raises

pull ups
underhand 10
overhand wide 10
underhand 7

push ups
2 more sets to failure

Tricep kick backs

Bowflex flys
Bowflex tricep extensions

Bowflex rows

Bent over db rows

kneeups on bench
30+5 pikes

DB curls
incline curls 15#'s( i really need some 20's and 25's)

oh and bent over row one arm at a time

I think that is it...sorry so messy of a report, my at home workouts are weird since I only do them once in a while and my kids were interrupting me a bit.

I felt great after this workout!!