Thursday, March 23, 2006

I did it!! HOORAY!!


I am celebrating the fact that I actually worked out today. I was tempted to take a day off and just do legs tomorrow...but since we are in the final strech (only 2 weeks of workouts left) I figured I need to stick to my plan to be relentless.

Here is my workout:
the gym just got in the ellipticals so I did 5 min hard warm up on it...I was warm fast today.
50x10x2 with foot up on a core stabilizer (about 4" off ground)

45#x65 reps, again for the rep challenge :)-I was gonna do high reps on bench, but didn't :(
135x10x3 very slow focused on booty

Leg Curls with a db between feet on a decline bench

Knee extensions
110x10x2 last set feet ducky

Calf (free motion)

Abs at home- twister thingy...kinda neat for abwork, I'll try and get a picture or video of it
ANDtop ab focus, crunch hard 30 reps each side

Oh, my workout got interuppted again by an "accident" it was Tia today who pee'd her pants.
After the gym we went to my SIL and the kids played, it was great! I just sat an talked, a good break for me.
Now tonight, I am feeling pms big time. My boobs are sore and about a size bigger than yesterday, TOM is going to come just in time for the weekend :(

If I can make it through the weekend it will be smooth sailing from there!