Sunday, March 26, 2006

13 days to go!

WOAH! the countdown is on...13 days out :)

I am focused and ready to be more relentless than ever. I have tried to lighten my work load so that I can dedicate my thoughts to the preparing for the contest. It is gonna be so fun to get back up on stage!

Here is my workout for today...
Run no intervals...just a basic 3 miler and then 10 min on the r-bike. I worked up a good sweat.
Then to the gym
warm up 7 min on the upright bike
Walking lunges- I did these first today so I wouldn't skip them and so that I would pre exhaust my butt for the rest of my workout
135x10x3 paried with abduction machine


Smith Lunges
paired with calf raises on leg press

Back/butt extensions
no wtx25

Knee extensions

Free motion Squats

Roman chair knee ups 40

The plan for the week looks like this:
LOSE FAT! Target weight for SATURDAY is 126
Target weight for contest is 123-124 dehydrated.

Mon- Evening workout:lift back, shoulders, biceps intervals on upright bike or elliptical
Tues- moring workout Chest TRIS and 10- 15 second sprints outside in front of my house :)
Wed- Legs: the mission is to get my but sore...that has been elusive lately.
Thursday- Lift Back, shoulders, biceps, intervals on bike or elliptical
Friday- Chest, Tris and RUN SPRINTS
Saturday- Legs
Sunday off?

As you all can see I did not take the day off today from working out. I didn't feel like I needed to so I went for it. It is CRUNCH TIME and every last workout counts and every food choice counts.

Here is a sample of kinda what I will eat this week:
Asparagus eggs
stir fry veggies and tuna, cashews w/ some sauce
red meat/ brocolli or salad (spinach& romaine)
herbal tea
protein shake in water (40g)
oatmeal most days for my preworkout meal

So basically lots of protein and lots of veggies :)

Let's all have a relenteless week again!!