Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I am smitten with the STAIRMILL!!

HI Ya ~
Well today was almost a rest day for me...I haven't had a "day off" in a while...but I ended up at the gym around 4pm ;)

The plan was to work my shoulders just a bit and get in some cardio...

Warm up 19 min on r-bike...nice and relaxing reading time :)

cybex shoulder press
85x10- set of 30 roman chiar knee ups

Standing Military with barbell
65x10x3 on the first set tweaked my neck/shoulder/back---I will be paying a visit to the chiro tomorrow!
Lateral raises 15#db'sx10
bent over laterals 15'sx10

warm up for 5 min at level 7
then 1min at 12, 1 min at 7
then 1 min at 14!!, 1 min at 7 repeat 5 times :)
then a couple min cool down.

I am in love with that stairmill!!

I just took some advil to help my sh/neck/back--now for sleep!!