Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Booty workout

Hi Gals!!
I just got home from my Leg workout :)

I am confused, is it really Wednesday? That is good and bad--I need some more time to get all my work done for the week, but GREAT because I am so pumped for the UFC fights on Saturday--
Who else is? Shauna, April, Jamie, Tracy??? It is gonna Rock- Tito and Arlofsky are gonna come away victorious!!

OKAY- In other news, I have been a cleaning lunatic today...Lots of laundry, lots of picking up, and lots more to do! Usually I tackle the kitchen first, well not today and now I am paying for it--:evil: what a mess! So as soon as I am done here I am off to do Kitchen duty and cook supper for me and my man- the kids are eating now :)

r-bike 15 min while reading my Message BIBLE-given to me by some lovely members of Team BuffMother!it was great~ the translation so much more fun to I read song of about steamy :evil:....if you ever need to get in the mood, read a couple chapters of that HOLY book, LOL...and then some proverbs. the 4th and 5th chapters--very wise stuff in there!

Sissy Squats/Romainians warm ups
Bench Knee ups
25 slow!

parallel: 135x8x2- I was dying here bad!

Dead lifts
135x10x2 narrow stance
125x10x2 wider stance

Sumo Squats

Seated calf raises

Leg press
290x10- horrible cramp in my I had to quit these

took a break here to recover from my cramp :(
Smith Lunges on a step

Knee Extensions

Roman chair knee ups
40 total

Leg curls
90x10,8, 6 - I could really feel all those dead lifts here

All in all this workout kinda stunk- I didn't have enough fuel in my muscles to do as much as I wanted, but it is my last buffing workout for a while so that won't happen for the next leg workout.

Enjoy your evening, I am off to clean